As a company we recognise the importance of performing our activities and developing our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. We are continually looking for ways in which we can improve our Social, Environmental and Economic contributions, which we believe will lead to a more sustainable and therefore more successful business.

As a sub-contractor, growing a sustainable business is something that we know our clients are looking for and we must achieve this whilst maintain profitability in a truly demanding market. Our aim is to achieve this by focusing on these 3 core values:

Social Responsibility

We are fully committed to Investing in our local areas and understand our responsibilities to the local communities. By supporting local social and economic projects, providing apprenticeships when and where possible and raising money for local charities and causes we aim to make a positive impact on each community we serve.

Environmental Responsibility

Our Company is fully committed to minimising any negative environmental impact of our Company through prevention and reduction of waste and pollution, leading to a long term reduction of costs, as prevention and reduction are more desirable and economical than damage repair after the event. Environmental awareness and individual responsibility will be developed amongst employees at all levels with full and effective consultation being encouraged at every opportunity. Our Company will continue to develop and improve standards by making use of available technology and developments, together with a waste recovery and recycling approach.

Economic Responsibility

Based on our solid business model, our aim is to provide further growth and value to our Company in an increasingly challenging market. We are dedicated to providing sustainable and profitable growth whilst providing our clients with the highest quality of service. We intend to do this by building on and further enhancing our relationships with clients to minimise costs and strive for further opportunities whilst recognising and managing risk. We will work closely with our key suppliers, providing us with the opportunity to continually improve, develop and utilise our products and services. We are committed to achieving our goals and living up to our values.