Under Floor Heating

Suitable for use in a wide range of environments it has many advantages over conventional heating systems, the more obvious of which are:

  • It is an invisible system – therefore saving space.
  • It has controllable heat – so specific zones can be heated and heat is distributed evenly.
  • It is safer – there are no hot surfaces.
  • It is flexible – it can be tailored to suit the space and its occupants, the required amount of heat in the right place at the right time.
  • It is cost effective – used with condensing boilers can bring 40% energy savings on conventional systems
  • It is ideally suited for alternative heat sources, i.e. air and ground source heat pumps.

Under Floor Heating has become a favoured choice for industry professionals and is now recognized as the preferred modern day heating solution.

Using B&K ‘Radiant’ Under Floor Heating system also creates a healthier environment to work or live in, as there is a reduction in airborne bacteria, dust mites, pollens, draughts, condensation and damp.

Efficiency is a major consideration in today’s climate and using B&K ‘Radiant’ Under Floor Heating System will provide significant energy savings, having an impact on both the environment and running costs.

Our systems work by circulating low temperature water through small bore (typically 16mm external diameter) pipework. The pipe-work is installed within screed, concrete or timber floors.

The easy control system enables the heating requirements for different areas of the building to be managed and also aids compliance to the demands for thermal integrity in new buildings.

B&K ‘Radiant’ Under Floor Heating System complies with current European and British Standards.

We are also licenced installers of Isowarm & Authorised Partners with Rehau Underfloor heating.